Leverage our proprietary Agility Resource Network (ARN) of subject matter experts and skilled industry personnel to your full-time, contract, flex or temp positions quickly and cost-effectively.

Agility leverages our proprietary Agility Resource Network (ARN) to quickly identify and provide the best possible personnel ranging from experienced senior-level management and subject matter specialist to skilled entry-level staff. Our operational industry knowledge allows us to identify, align and support our staff to deliver optimal performance to our clients. We provide a variety of recruiting and staffing services which can be further customized to meet specific objectives and challenges.

  • Temporary, contract or full-time hires
  • Management and executive sourcing
  • Short or long-term “employee leasing” options
  • Unique “Flex” staff for ad-hoc projects
  • Ongoing staff performance monitoring
  • Performance Guarantees
  • A large and diverse pool of industry candidates
  • Creative and flexible pricing options

    Augment, streamline and diversify existing capacity with flexible and easily integrated component solutions.
    Agility 360 has a proven and extensive track record of providing functional outsourcing and component-based out-tasking for servicers, lenders and investors. Our project management methods can accommodate rapid scalability with minimal operational risk, reduced cost and high quality. Our engagement model allows for flexible solution structures and deployment timeframes; from simple out-tasking (staffing for specific processes) to complete outsourcing (end-to-end managed program). Our Outsourcing and Out-tasking services includes:

  • Pre-Funding / Post-Close QC
  • Loan Processing and Fulfillment
  • Contract Underwriting
  • Loan File Compliance and Risk Analysis
  • Claims Management and Processing
  • Due Diligence and Trade Support
  • Consumer Complaint Processing and Analytics
  • File Document Discovery and Fulfillment
  • Forensic and Fraud File Review
  • Customized Project-Based Out tasking

    Enhance existing operations with sophisticated analysis, planning, and documentation for improved performance and cost reduction.

    Agility 360’s advisors come from a variety of backgrounds and industry segments including servicing, capital markets and lending. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry’s “backbone” and core operations allows us to deliver immediate capacity to augment or complement internal management and program resources.  Using our unique engagement methodologies and goal-oriented project management approach, we can provide measurable and immediate analytical and operational support in a number of areas, including general operations, quality management, risk mitigation, cost-analysis, and compliance. Our advisory service includes:

  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Cost Analysis and Forecasting
  • Quality Process Mapping
  • Project Management
  • Technology Assessment and Planning
  • Risk Mitigation Analysis
  • Operational and Compliance Audits
  • Training Programs
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Operational Assessments
  • Report Design, Development